Topic: MD1000 Drives Issues

Hello everyone,

We currently have 2 MD1000 connected to a poweredge 2950 via sas cable using a PERC6e card. Array 1 is working no issues. Array 0 had a bad drive 3 that was replaced with one that is the same MD. after installing the drive. Open manage puts the drive to ready with no available task option to make it online.Then Drive 2,7 and 14 started to also show ready instead of online- We did not touch any of those.We rebooted the server thinking that would fix the issue only to get errors about.. The number of devices exceed the maximum devices per quad.  After reseating the PERC and the Riser board didn't resolve it. I updated the PERC6 firmware and was able to get pass the message.We then get a message that the drive 0 needs to be initialized which we cancel on.
The drives were moved are around in the array and now they all show foreign.  IT seems like the virtual disk is shot.I tried getting paid support to assist with trying to resolve this as my Sys Admin who was managing this left the company. However, the device is register to UK and we are not able to get support until we do the change of ownership which takes about a week according to support.The backups are not running for our FS. If I connect a 5TB USB drive to the FS, is there a way to change th backup path in OpenManage to point to the usb instead of the array so the backups can run.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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