Topic: How it Works Virtual Networking?


I'm trying to undestand how Virtual networking works because every time i think to have undestood new questions comes in my mind. I've understand the "big picture" but if I had to explain how works in detail I realize that I would not be able,,,The first Question is when i install Esxi i configure one IP Address for the management console that is associated with vmnic0. This ip not associated with the phisical nic but to the virtual port of the default virtual Switch0 created during the installation.As i have understand every uplink (physical nic) has no IP associated and they works as port of a switch. So also the Ip I assign for each Vmkernel Port(VMotion - Storage) are assigned to the virtual port associated to the switch . So basically i had only hypothetically one nic, so one uplink (i know is not a best practice ) i could still create three VMkernel port because i assign the three IP Address to the Virtual Port of the Switch and not to the only physical nic. The three ip Address could be even part of different VLAN if i configure the uplink in trunk....What i wrote is correct..in part correct..or i'm far from the logic of virtual Networking?

Please help.

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Re: How it Works Virtual Networking?

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Re: How it Works Virtual Networking?

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Re: How it Works Virtual Networking?

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Re: How it Works Virtual Networking?

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Re: How it Works Virtual Networking?

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