Topic: Issues with Azure IoT setup


I have been tasked to setup an Azure cloud connector on our meshlium4, but have hit a bit of a snag.
This is what I've done so far:
* Install openjdk-8-jdk, maven3 and git packages with apt-get.
* Assign path to java and mvn
* Register device with sample code
I also installed a package called software-properties-common when trying to add openjdk-8 repo (this was mistake and im wondering if this is causing my issues, this package incluede python3 among other things) Should I just remove this with apt-get?

Now that my device is registered, i tried to add the device key in the ManageSystem. I noted that older log entries in azureiot.log complained about waspmote.json was missing. I found this file manually and it looks fine. New log entries give detailed error "NULL" in regards to device file.I have also noted that "Azure_IoT_sync.jar" is run with openjdk-8 now instead of openjdk-7. Is this a problem?When I try to "load setup to Azure IoT Hub" i get a 401 error in azureiot.log.I am at the point where I am considering the possibility of wiping the meshlium and starting fresh. Do i need the rescue image for that?Any help on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Issues with Azure IoT setup

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