Topic: Dell/EMC Vxrail

Hello everyone,

I have to refresh my data centre next year, I currently have 3 hosts and a VNX San.(heavy VM)
Dell has proposed their VXrail appliance solution.I went on a technical test drive (really more of a show and tell and some virtualized playing) the other day, and the product does look interesting,they  make heavy use of VSan in the product.Has anyone taken them up on this? Thoughts, good bad ugly?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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Re: Dell/EMC Vxrail

I was also having the same problem of not getting the solution of it, and also the host and the VNX system did not work properly and Apple support has to give me the solution of it. If you're having the problem you can contact https://applesupportnumber.net/