Topic: IT admins here? Dell PowerEdge server shipping delays


Is anyone else waiting on a PowerEdge server delivery for over 45 days now? I keep getting delayed notices for my orders and my Dell account rep (we're small-med company) seems to be at a loss. Because they keep telling me the server is going to be there in a week or so, it prevents me from ordering another server (which will take 2+ weeks). I'm starting to think that I'm being strung along (so I don't cancel my order) until whatever the problem is get's fixed. I don't believe that a company like Dell can miscalculate part delivery times (or even not know them) by as much as 45 days.
Update: It seems they are deleting posts on the dell community where people are trying to figure out why their poweredge servers being delayed (and google doesn't cache it. google.com/search?s...rver+shipping+delays, I know there are a lot of IT admins here.. anyone else having this problem?

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